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How to Read a Poem

How to Read a Poem

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"It is the business of the poet to touch our hearts by showing his own," said Thomas Hardy. So what should you look for when you first come across a poem or return to an old favourite? How important are the surprising words poets so frequently use? Why are so many poems built around a central tension, or opposition, and how do we identify it? In this concise, vivid book Malcom Hebron, who has spent years studying and teaching literature, tells us how to get the most out of reading great poetry – and shows us how poets weave their magic. He explores their use of imagery, rhythm and sound, bringing in along the way a wide range of different verses, from classics like Wordsworth's "I wandered lonely as a cloud" to modern masterpieces like Stevie Smith's "Not Waving But Drowning" and contemporary poems by hugely talented poets like Gillian Allnut and Alice Oswald.


    Author: Malcom Hebron

    ISBN: 9781911187912

    Number Of Pages: 128

    Publisher: Connell Publishing

    Release Date: 2018-09-20

    EAN: 9781911187912


    Malcolm Hebron teaches English at Winchester College where he is also Head of Drama. His publications include Mastering the Language of Literature and Key Concepts in Renaissance Literature (both Palgrave).


    Now, at last, there’s an answer. “Mercifully,” says Helen Brown in the Mail, a new series of short books has come along to reduce long, complex topics into short, easily digestible books.

    And they’re nothing like the “dry, bullet-pointy style” of GCSE textbooks.

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