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More has been written about Napoleon than about any other man, with good reason; his is the most astonishing trajectory since that of Alexander the Great: from provincial obscurity to the heights of power and fame, and on to a humiliating fall. He was the most successful general in history, achieved greater power and renown than any previous historical figure, and created the political and public structures which transformed most of Europe and became the model for many modern states. No one else left behind such a lasting legacy of institutions and physical monuments.

His epic life has inspired a great deal of myth-making. Stendhal claimed he could only write of Napoleon in religious terms; Goethe saw his life as ‘that of a demi-god’. And far too many books on him still have words such as ‘Destiny’ and ‘Spirit’ in their meaningless but suggestive titles. In fact, as this book will show, he was all too human – complicated, fallible and deeply flawed.


    Author: Adam Zamoyski

    ISBN: 1912568012

    Number Of Pages: 128

    Publisher: Connell Publishing

    Release Date: 2018-11-15

    EAN: 9781912568017


    Adam Zamoyski is a British historian of Polish origin.  He is the author of the best-selling 1812. Napoleon’s Fatal March on Moscow and its sequel Rites of Peace. The Fall of Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna, as well as several other acclaimed works on key figures and aspects of European history.  His books have been translated into Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Persian as well as most of the European languages.  His comprehensive history of Poland, The Polish Way, not only featured in the best-seller lists for several weeks when it came out in 1987, but has never been out of print since.

    Zamoyski has also contributed to all the major British papers and periodicals, as well as lecturing widely in England, Europe and the United States.


    “The masterstroke of series editor Jolyon Connell lies in his enlistment of experts, who maintain their literary verve and sharp opinions in short form.”

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