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Notes and Quotes

Notes and Quotes


It is 25 years since Jolyon Connell founded The Week. This is a short miscellany to mark the occasion, a collection of his favourite quotations, interspersed with a few longer extracts, the odd anecdote and the occasional piece of poetry. Many of the quotation that appear here once appeared in The Weeks: others Jolyon has collected over the years.


    Jolyon Connell is a former Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times journalist who left Fleet Street to found The Week in 1995, the news digest magazine which was ultimately purchased by his mentor and guide, the late publisher and poet Felix Dennis. Connell's other business interests include MoneyWeek, a British financial magazine which he founded in 2000. In 2010 he founded Connell guides, a publishing company specialising in guide books for GCSE and A Level Literature students. 

    Connell has a first class degree in English from the University of St Andrews and an honorary doctorate from the same university.

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